Tuesday, November 27, 2007

griffey on the beach

griffey on the beach is not a new drink (that i have heard of anyways) its my puppy on the beach! not far from my parents lake house there is a heap of rocks that makes for some good crawling around. here's griffey's first visit!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Here's the whole crew from thanksgiving dinner up at the lakehouse in michigan- we had family in from california and my grandma from minnesota. we all wrote down 3 things we were thankful for- mine were griffey (my adorable new puppy) photoshop (the coolest tool ever that helps make my life possible) and family! ( i had to say that one cause well- they were all sitting right there) just kidding family- i heart you guys!

i realize this photo is tiny cause its sooo wide- so if you want to see it bigger (and see my sloppy photo-cutting work) double-click on the image.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

greetings from griffey the seawolf

Im going to a strange and distant land (s.w. michigan- hee hee) where there is terrible cell phone coverage - but ironically, i do have great internet connection- so shoot me an email if you need to get in touch, and i will be back in town after thanksgiving. oh- and griffey says "have a grrrreat turkey day!"

oh- and sea wolf is in reference to both how my pup looks like a seal/dog and of the jack london book and the band seawolf which im really digging right now - check um out!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Faster than a speeding bullet...

more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and darn cute too! it's Super Jack...with his trusty sidekick, Buster the Wonder Dog!

these photos are from a few weeks ago- my favorite model (my nephew) and i hit the beach to throw stuff, jump off stuff, climb stuff and whatever else jack thought up!

such a ham!

and to close...a jumping jack

Thursday, November 15, 2007

IRA Ball

Such a fun(and tasty) party. The IRA is the illinois restaurant association, so of course the food was fabulous, so was the location, as the whole 7th floor of the famed marshall fields store (also known as the new macy's) hosted the event. Above is a view out the window in the walnut room overlooking state street. And below is a view from the 7th floor down!

chefs from the french pastry school of chicago

had to include another view of the walnut room- such a magical "old chicago" feel to it- wouldn't this be a wonderful spot for a wedding?

all the student chefs lined up and cheered for the the guests walking through the line to enter the party room which made for some great entertainment!

lots of wine!
burning sugar to make a beautiful dessert!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Congratulations Monica + Rob!

I loved this wedding- such an amazing mix of culture, tradition and a full-blown party! All the wedding photos will be posted on my proofsite by the 24th- for the event code use Monica's maiden name.

first up-getting ready- here's monica and her sister at the hair salon

then its time for makeup

and the dress

and the ceremony begins...

Rob and the groomsmen wore lei's and traditional Filipino shirts.

this was so cute- instead of wine for the communion- they had the minister serve a bottle of champagne- here she is launching the cork a good 20 feet in the air to open it- definitely took all the guests by surprise!

a bubble filled send off from the church

they rented a school bus to get the whole wedding party around "old- school" hee hee! i loved it- such a great idea- so much space and so fun!

awesome reception site- it had such a cool, funky 60s vibe going on! I guess there have been dances there every sunday night for over 30 years!

listening to their toasts

in addition to the traditional wedding cake there was lithuanian cake that was also quite tasty!

Monica is part of a Lithuanian dance troupe and when a member gets married all the other members perform a series of traditonal wedding dances for the new bride and groom.

in this lithuanian tradition monica's mom removed the veil and put an apron on her and rob got a pipe (yep- thats the veil over their heads)

first dance

the whole crowd on the dance floor for a circle dance- monica and rob warned me there would be some good dancers there- and there were! so fun to watch- no wonder they decided to have thier reception at a ballroom!

and i had to include this last shot- the end of the night after the reception site closed and im exhausted from a full day shooting- and monica and rob's friends who rode the bus back to the hotel with us are just getting started...i'm sure the party lasted well into the night!

hope you guys are having a blast in hawaii- thanks for letting me capture your big day - can't wait to share the rest! xoxo Kris

Monday, November 05, 2007

Meet Griffey!

He's our new black lab puppy! he is named after pete's favorite baseball player from his favorite team- Ken Griffey Jr of the Cincinati Reds.

we have been looking at dogs for a while, i loved my sister's boxer and our friends have an awesome american bulldog but we hadn't really thought of labs...

but someone at pete's work advertised on their inter-office board that they had a litter of 7 little lab puppies and pete insisted we take a look- one look and we were hooked- griffey came home with us sunday afternoon

it took him a bit to get the concept of going on a walk or getting up and down the stairs- but he is starting to get the hang of it

now we just have to teach him...everything else!

but he is already pretty good at sleeping...